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Relevant Education Planning

Career Counselling

Actually, in this age, students are in dilemma to choose their career and find difficulties to know which course will be better for them for clearing their doubt we have career consultant. Our trained and experienced Higher education consultants in Bangalore helps this types of students to identify their goals and ensure that the student chooses a course and specialisation that perfectly matches their interest and the university that does justice to their talent and potential.

Admission Guidance

We assess the capabilities of each applicants and recommend them to Universities admission committees. We also do follow ups with the chosen universities regarding the status of each applicant and ensures Positive and Quick Response. We ensure the guidelines for Management Quota admissions and ensure the quickest outcome that the process of admission is as hassle free admission. We assist with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose.

University Selection

University that does justice to candidate’s talent and potential are firstly screened by us and then a University is suggested which is best for their career. There are numbers of universities across the globe so, Candidate approach to us with a dream of studying in top universities. Our team of education planner understand the goals and aspirations of the candidates and suggest them accordingly which will perfectly match with their goals.

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Application Processing

Our education counsellors in Bangalore will guide you through all the requirements, and will help process your application for registration. We will arrange your admission interview Schedule. Filling out applications and going through the admission procedures can be a harrowing process- especially when you have no previous expertise in these tasks.

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““Our consultants forward confidential assessment of each candidate to the Universities Admission Tutors as when required in order to ensure your admission over there. “Sagar Educational Consultancy" also guide each applicant to various avenues highlighting their strengths and detailing your eligibility for the admission in the institution.

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Bank Loan Assistance

Education is an expensive affair and many of the parents look for educational loan to meet the requirements. We as a responsible educational consultants helps Each applicant in availing loans from various nationalised banks with whom the agency has built a network. We help you with the entire procedure i.e., selection of bank, procurement of application, preparation of documents.